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It is the word used to describe the relationship between a ceile (companion, fellow) and his lord, flaith. Ceile is cognate with Latin cliens (client, dependent). Apr 14, 2008 hi, In Wheelock's Latin Exercise book Chapter 14 : Exercitationes, B, singular stem fel-/plural stem feli-; cliens, singular stem client-/plural  La palabra cliente proviene del latín cliens (protegido). Cliens tiene la misma raíz indoeuropea *klei- que encontramos en palabras como: declinar, inclinar,  canoros.

Cliens latin

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dgl.) verpflichtet war, wogegen der Klient wieder gewisse Pflichten gegen den Patron hatte (wie Beisteuer zur Ausstattung der Töchter, zum Lösegeld aus feindl. of clueo, a personal dependant, client (a freeman, protected by a patron; he received from him an allotment of land or of food, and accompanied him in war): Roscii: Cliens amicus hospes nemost vobis? T.—A client, retainer, follower: coëgit clientīs suos, Cs.—A companion, favorite: iuvenum nobilium, H. Look up the Latin to German translation of cliens in the PONS online dictionary. Includes free vocabulary trainer, verb tables and pronunciation function. late 14c., "one who lives under the patronage of another," from Anglo-French clyent (c.

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cluo, κλύω, hören, gehorchen), der Hörige, der Klient, I) in Rom, der » Schützling, Schutzbefohlene « einer römischen gens, von der ein Glied (gew. der älteste Gentilis) als patronus zum Schutz des Klienten (zur Hilfe in der Not, zu rechtlicher Vertretung vor Gericht u.

Cliens latin

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Cliens latin

dependent noun. He then fled to the fleet which was awaiting him on the Danube, and was soon followed by his adherents, who received grants of land and were settled in Pannonia. latin-ancient. Cliens Neonis et puella eius ad portam domi Neonis apparent, et Neonem quaerunt an se in tabernam sequi velit. Kontrollera 'cliens' översättningar till svenska.

clinks engelska.
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She has been featured by NPR and  From Latin 'cliens', 'client-', the term originally denoted a person under the protection and patronage of another. WHITEHAIR.CO London PR agency. Jul 9, 2012 office work, and greets his clients ("cliens" in Latin) .
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mtx Sust AsLdrs ExJpn B USD, 65, 0.90. Schroder ISF Latin American A Acc USD, 65, 0.72 Invest Sverige Beta SI, 65, 0.17. Cliens Småbolag A, 65, 0.66  Cliens Räntefond Kort, Cliens Kapitalförvaltning AB, 955906 Fidelity Funds - Latin America Fund, FIL Investment Management (Luxembourg)  Cliens Sverige A · Roger Hedberg. SEK. 59.6%.

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Cliens Neonis et puella eius ad portam domi Neonis apparent, et Neonem quaerunt an se in tabernam sequi velit.